SPU Restaurant

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Darakeh Square
Alborz Mountain foothills


Delightfully on the far side of traditional, Spu is an outdoor restaurant. Diners take of their shoes and sit on the floor in their own private tent, circled around a gas fire for heat. Dinner for two including appetizers: $23.


Yesterday was my birthday and my wife arranged a surprise party in SPU. She invited my parents and hers . During the birthday we decided to have tea and my birthday cake after their freaking dinner. Then we asked for some plates and tea which of course is part of birthday and the stupid manager refused to bring us tea and plates to our seats. My father asked them nicely to bring us tea and plate and they started to become rude. Then we left the place and we went to talk to the manager about his poor service . In the end we found out they do not care about their customer service .they ruined my birthday. Everyone this place is a hell hole for your classy meetings, birthdays, or any other ceremonies. Please do not go there for your important occasions. They will ruin your special moments shafakak ⁄ 19 May

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